HISS Members,

I started Hooked In 60 Seconds last year because of my love of music - my desire to create music - my desire to listen to other's music - my desire to stretch myself creatively with regard to music. It's nice to know I wasn't alone in those passions. Our group grew to over 2,000 members during the year. That was a blessing...and also the problem.

While the HISS website should have been built upon building blocks, it was built like a row of dominoes, with one bug feeding another bug feeding another bug. Over the last month those bugs have basically taken over the ratings system, member profiles and email system. These aren't things that can be easily fixed, as the basic system is flawed. Fixing them would just be a band aid. The website really needs to be started from scratch in order to perform the way it should - in order to bring to you what I want.

So I've made the decision at this time to take down the Hooked In 60 Seconds website. I'd rather have the site offline than to continue with a bugged website that's not allowing you musicians to do what you need to do. I want you to create music, not navigate your way around a bugged website.

Will Hooked In 60 Seconds return? That is my plan. Will it be soon? I don't know. First, I need to do some healing. Over the last few months I've been more frustrated than I've ever been in my life. So I need to recover a bit from that before I jump back into things.

Finally, I'd like to throw some thanks out there. Thanks to those who worked on the website bugs, doing their best to keep it from falling apart. Thanks to all the sponsors who offered up some great prizes to the contest winners. Thanks to my wife for giving me the thumbs up to tackle this project in the first place. And thanks to all you awesome musicians for taking part in the HISS website. Beyond the frustration of the last few months, it's been fun. I look forward to giving it another shot in the future!


Marc Greenberg

Hooked In 60 Seconds